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We are a full service manufacturer of custom Australian steel windows and doors with a factory based in Sydney, Australia.


Our Credentials

At Sydney Steel Windows and Doors, our backgrounds range from construction management, interior design to architecture – this combination of knowledge and hands on experience sets us apart as we help facilitate projects by working with you to develop all of the details starting with the design, to surround and waterproofing details, as well as structural requirements, through installation.


Our windows and doors breathe life into buildings through unrivalled form, function and finish

Sydney Steel Windows and Doors focuses on quality and efficient manufacturing processes and takes pride in delivering excellent workmanship, catering to varying budgets, and importantly within time-defined periods.

Close customer relations ensures our ability to innovate and deliver steel doors, windows, frames and hardware for industrial, commercial or residential buildings. What sets us apart, is our stainless steel range which is guaranteed to stand the test of time against the most harsh environmental elements, in addition to ensuring superior security.


We specialise in the design, manufacture, and supply of individually engineered, high-quality steel windows and doors. Our products are made from 100% recyclable, durable steel to boost the eco-credentials of your project. As well as market-leading sustainability, they also exceed all industry standards, providing a unique, luxurious, and high-end finish.


Sydney Steel Windows & Doors offers a unique combination of design flexibility, engineering support, manufacturing capacity, and financial stability.


Make the exterior of your business work for you. Sydney Steel Windows & Doors features lean lines and profiles that create an open and inviting view into your business.

Feeling Inspired?

Get in touch with the team at Sydney Steel Windows & Doors to discuss your next project. Call 02 9318 2888 or contact us here.